1483260_10153349403281987_6513206743310113653_nJustine (acupuncturist) and Michelle (front desk staff member) recently attended the latest POCAfest community acupuncture conference in Nashville, TN.  We thought we’d share with you some of the highlights of our time at the conference and the topics of the classes we attended.

The theme of this POCAfest was “How My [Community Acupuncture] Clinic and POCA Have Changed Me.”  We discussed the importance of the accessibility factor within the acupuncture profession and specifically in the community acupuncture setting; the importance of the hallmarks of community acupuncture such as the affordable sliding scale and group treatment room, and the way community acupuncture clinics are able to promote a trauma informed approach to care.

While at the conference Justine attended acupuncture technique related classes, and Justine and Michelle both participated in managerial/clinic systems types of classes.  In between classes we enjoyed connecting with our colleagues and friends, sharing ideas and learning about how each clinic, while very similar in principle, has its own unique systems that work best.

Possibly the most important part of the weekend for both of us was the training we received with regard to a trauma informed approach to care, and what we call trauma informed acupuncture, specifically.  Coming away with a new level of understanding and compassion for the effects of trauma in society and the people we serve gave us some new ideas about the ways we can communicate with sensitivity and respect for everyone.