We have some new sliding scale guidelines.  We hope this helps you decide what to pay when you come in for an acupuncture follow-up (first visits are a flat rate of $50).

Please pay what you feel you can afford, while keeping the following in mind:

Acupuncture Together needs to earn an average of $30-34 per treatment.

In order for our $25-50 sliding scale to be sustainable:
$25-29 is a good choice for folks who have low/fixed incomes and/or those receiving treatments multiple times per week.  If you need to pay in this range, please do so!
$30-34 is great for those who are able to afford the sustainer rate.  It keeps us going!
$35-50 is a huge help as it allows us to continue offering the low end at $25, provides us with funds for future renovations/emergencies and provides a little extra income for the acupuncturists.  We really appreciate it!

Thanks for your consideration!

Justine Myers, Lic. Ac.