Acupuncture Together Voted Best Wellness Service!

Acupuncture Together was recently voted the Best Wellness Service in Cambridge in Scout Cambridge magazine’s Scout’s Honored 2015 contest. A HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who took the time to express your enthusiasm and appreciation for Acupuncture Together by voting! We have always worked extremely hard to offer effective, comforting and affordable acupuncture and are thankful to know that so many of our patients are so happy with our services.
Over the years acupuncture has come to the forefront more as a viable option for different ailments that clients don’t want to go down the conventional route of anymore, despite the fact it has been here for thousands of years around the world, it is now being used more and more in modern times. It has been seen as a wonder for those who have tried it and want to continue on with its healing properties. Acupuncture can be paired with other alternative treatments for those who need to tackle an issue head-on, and want to see what else they could do to soothe their body, for example, medical marijuana like the purple god strain has also be applauded for it’s calming and stress-reducing positives, as well as helping people who suffer from debilitating chronic pain and the other damaging effects it brings. You could potentially combine these two natural treatments together to achieve a full-body health treatment, but, it is best to discuss this with your doctor first about combining them. We are so pleased that we have been honored and we hope to continue helping people who need it, whether that be in combination with other remedies or on its own, we just want people to feel their ultimate best.

Acupuncture Together - 2015 Scout's Honored Award Winner
Scouts Honored 2 Acupuncture Together – 2015 Scout’s Honored Award Winner