Our Best News From 2015

We gave 12,359 treatments in 2015!  Since opening on May 27, 2008, we’ve given over 65,000 treatments!  We love the way our community has grown over the years and how our clinic feels simultaneously “alive and calm” when the treatment rooms are full.  It warms our hearts to see familiar faces each day, and to meet new ones.  We are so grateful to have treated those of you who have been in to see us, and we appreciate all of you who have spread the word about our services and have sent your friends and family in.

Thanks also to those of you who voted us the Scout Cambridge Scout’s Honored Award for Best Wellness Service in Cambridge in 2015!

With the help of your referrals and enthusiasm for our services, we promise to continue making acupuncture as affordable, accessible and convenient as possible in 2016.