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The Cooperative Acupuncture Clinics Popping Up in Middle America

This excellent article highlighting the impact of POCA (People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture) community acupuncture clinics throughout the country was recently published. Community acupuncture patients are “taking part in one of the quietest revolutions growing across the country: cooperative community acupuncture.”

If you want to help support more accessibility to POCA clinics like Acupuncture Together to become available throughout the USA and Canada, please join POCA at https://www.pocacoop.com/membership/join-patientcom/. There are great member benefits for POCA patient members, including a May special for POCA members at Acupuncture Together, and your membership will help make acupuncture more accessible for more people.

Acupuncture for Hot Flashes

A recent study published in the BMJ Open found acupuncture to be an effective treatment for menopausal-related hot flashes, day-and-night sweats, general sweating and menopausal-specific sleeping problems.

Numerous studies on acupuncture for menopausal hot flashes and night sweats have shown varying results. What we see at our practice is that acupuncture is absolutely worth trying for these conditions. The majority of our patients do report reduction of frequency and severity of hot flashes and night sweats. For more stubborn cases we may offer a classic herbal formula for hot flashes and night sweats called Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan which often brings relief. Although this product claims to help with night sweats, with anything you are not familar with, it is in your best interest to do some research. At least this way, you know what you will be getting yourself into. With this being said, there may be a simple solution to what you are going through. So, to be on the safe side, it might benefit you to look into a site like Nucific, to find out more information regarding how to stop night sweats naturally. Remember, you don’t always need to take tablets, especially as there are always ways to solve problems in the most natural ways possible.

Acupuncture is also beneficial for hot flashes and night sweats associated with the treatment of breast cancer. Here’s an article discussing research on this condition. For those who are taking medications to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer we provide acupuncture only – no herbal medicine.

Written by Justine Myers, Lic. Ac.

5 Community Acupuncture Tips

Whether you’re new to community acupuncture or an experienced recliner, we’d love to share some helpful community acupuncture tips to make your experience the best it can be:

  1. MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE:  Acupuncture T 2016-326You’ll be resting and relaxing in a recliner chair for 30 minutes or more.  Please make yourself comfortable before we get antibiotic-store.com.  Being uncomfortable is counterproductive, so get yourself into a position that feels good.  Some people simply sit in a chair and are ready to go.  Others like to grab a pillow to put under their knees or a towel to roll behind their necks; feel free to help yourself to either or both.  Enjoy our quiet mellow music, or, if you prefer, you can help yourself to some earplugs if you want silence or bring in your own headphones and listen to your own music, podcast or guided meditation.
  2. 30 MINUTES IS ALL YOU NEED:  We know that many people have very busy lives and it can be hard to find the time for everything, including acupuncture.  Did you know that just 30 minutes is all you need?  While you’re welcome to stay longer, space and closing time permitting, 30 minutes is enough time to get the maximum benefit from acupuncture.  If you need to leave at a certain time, please let us know and we’ll be back to remove your needles at that time.  Get in, get acupuncture and get out!
  3. FEEDBACK IS HELPFUL: We’ll be asking you how you feel at each acupuncture treatments so that we know how you’ve responded to prior treatments and have a good sense of your overall progress.  Let us know what has changed and what hasn’t, or if there’s something new that you’d like us to treat.  Loved your last treatment?  Let your acupuncturist know and we’ll repeat it!  Does everything feel comfortable when your needles are inserted?  If not, please tell us so that we can fix it and you can relax.  We want to be sure that you enjoy your time being treated and experience good results.  Your feedback will help your acupuncturist craft more effective treatments.
  4. QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PROGRESS? ASK US!:  As you make progress in reducing the severity of your main health concerns you may be ready to reduce the frequency of your treatments.  If you arrive for an acupuncture follow-up with a new health concern you may need to adjust the frequency of treatments to address it properly.  If at any time you’re not sure how frequently to be treated, please ask an acupuncturist.  You’re welcome to speak with us anytime you have an acupuncture follow-up, but if you’d like to talk a bit more in-depth about your progress or about new health concerns you can schedule an acupuncture with re-evaluation appointment.  We also have handy “How Often Should I Get Acupuncture?” charts available in the reception area and treatment room, so help yourself anytime for more info and detailed recommendations.
  5. ACUPUNCTURE MAINTENANCE:  Feeling great?  Keep it that way!  Once your health conditions have improved you can get acupuncture 2-4 times per month or as needed for maintenance.  Make wellness treatments a part of your healthy self-care routine.
    Here are some benefits of maintenance acupuncture:Acupuncture T 2016-225
    -Reduce stress and anxiety
    -Improve sleep
    -Increase your energy
    -Boost your immune system
    -Keep aches and pains under control

We always aim to provide the best possible care and strive to make acupuncture work for you.

Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged

This short film documentary is the story of how a small group of loud-mouthed, over-educated, under-employed activists and a massive group of ordinary people with average incomes revolutionized healthcare systems by using large empty rooms, old recliner chairs, and two-cent needles.  It was filmed & directed by Brian Lindstrom, and co-produced by the Community Acupuncture Network Board of Directors.

Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged from POCA TV on Vimeo.

Healing Together: Community Acupuncture Explained By Our Friends in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Recently our friends at Points North Community Acupuncture, Apricity Community Acupuncture and North Country Community Acupuncture from the Minneapolis/St. Paul region cooperatively made this beautiful and informative film about community acupuncture, featured on the St. Paul Neighborhood Network.  We think you’ll enjoy it.  You might want to share this with friends and family who are curious about acupuncture or who are considering getting acupuncture but are hesitant or nervous.