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Community Acupuncture Research: A Report from Kathia

Kathia recently attended a conference held by The Society for Acupuncture Research. The conference usually discusses clinical research and basic research (i.e. how acupuncture works and biological mechanisms). She reported back to us with some information about what she learned, which is particularly pertinent to community acupuncture.  It’s great to see that science validates what we know from our work everyday out at Acupuncture Together.  We think you will find it interesting, too, especially if you’re into research and science!

“They just (finally) started doing some research in the context of community acupuncture with some really cool results. One of them looked at patient satisfaction with private [acupuncture treatments] vs. community [acupuncture treatments], and they were equally satisfied. Another looked at community acupuncture versus an educational group for fibromyalgia to see if it was something about the group dynamic (not the acupuncture) that made the difference. Group acupuncture improved symptoms significantly while the education group experienced no change. The same researcher is now conducting a study to compare private vs community acupuncture for fibromyalgia specifically, but they are just starting it, so it will be a while. Lastly, there was a study where they compared electro-acupuncture on points pc6-pc5 (local acupuncture), lv4-sp6 (distal acupuncture) and gb34-35 (control) for carpal tunnel. They looked primarily at changes in the somatosensory cortex. Since there is tingling and numbness in digits 1-3, the brain loses its ability to distinguish stimulation in different fingers, and the part of the brain that represents sensations in each finger gets smaller and less organized. In this study, as you may expect, both the local acupuncture and distal acupuncture caused a direct effect on the somatosensory system, improving its ability to distinguish between fingers, while the control group (estim gb34-35) experienced no change at all. Cool, huh?”

For more info on the community acupuncture study, click here:
Patient perspectives on care received at community acupuncture clinics: a qualitative thematic analysis