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Acupuncture Together has been providing affordable and accessible care to our community since 2008.

We offer sliding scale pricing of $20-40 (plus $15 for the first visit) for everyone, everyday.  You decide what you can afford and pay what works for you, no questions asked.  Our goal is to allow you to receive the care you want and need.

Experienced Acupuncturists, Award-Winning Care

Acupuncture Together has provided over 90,000 treatments since 2008.  The acupuncturists regularly and successfully treat a wide range of health conditions including all types of pain, headaches & migraines, stress, anxiety, insomnia, allergies, digestive conditions, women’s health, fertility, pregnancy conditions, autoimmune diseases and much more.  We practice a special distal style of acupuncture which allows us to effectively treat you in a group setting.  You can remain fully clothed while simply rolling up your sleeves and the bottoms of your pants.  Most points are from the elbows to the fingers, knees to toes, and head.

The Community Setting

All treatments take place in a quiet and relaxing group treatment room and are customized for your particular health conditions.  During your session you’ll sit back in a cozy recliner and rest for about 45 minutes.  Most people find acupuncture to be deeply relaxing and many people fall asleep during their treatments!  Having a community room allows us to provide care to many people while making it affordable and convenient, with plenty of appointments available each day.  In this way our clinic is capable of touching more of our community in a positive way.


Justine and patient Acupuncture TogetherAppointments are strongly encouraged and walk-ins are accepted on a space-available basis.  We suggest giving us a call at 617-499-9993 to check for availability if you plan to come on short notice.  Same-day appointments are often available.  Make an appointment online 24/7.  CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT OR CALL 617-499-9993.


Our office is located at 2464 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 420, in North Cambridge.  Our building is conveniently located just a half mile from Arlington, steps from Somerville and less than 2 miles from Medford.  The closest T stop is Davis Square, and the 77 bus runs on Massachusetts Avenue in front of our building.  Get directions and parking information.

Specials & News

We periodically send out newsletters featuring informative topics, specials, schedule updates and more.  Most months we also have a special.  Here’s our latest news & monthly special.



Q:  What does acupuncture feel like?  Do the needles hurt?   A:  When the acupuncturist places your needles it is common to feel a little pinch, mild sting or dull achy sensation.  It should not be painful.  Some people are more sensitive than others, so we adjust our technique and the gauge of needles according to each person’s response.  We’ve needled many nervous first-timers and their responses are most commonly “that’s it? I barely felt anything!”.

Q:  Can you treat my back or hip pain if I’m seated in a recliner with my clothes on?  Don’t you need to put the needle exactly where I’m feeling pain?  A:  Low back pain, hip pain and sciatica are a few of the most common conditions we treat in our practice.  These conditions tend to respond extremely well to acupuncture, even when no needles are placed at the site of pain. Amazingly, there are acupuncture points located all over the body which are indicated for conditions occurring elsewhere. We specialize in a distal style of needling and have extensive clinical experience effectively treating all types of conditions with this method.

Q:  How do I know when I feel done and ready to end my treatment?  A:  Most people feel drowsy or fall asleep during treatment.  You’ll know you’re ready to go when you feel like you’re rested, ready to get moving or possibly a little restless.  It’s pretty similar to the way you feel after you’ve woken up naturally.  We recommend taking at least 30 minutes for your treatment, and most people take an average of 45 minutes.

Q:  Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy?  A:  Yes!  Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to alleviate many discomforts commonly associated with pregnancy.  In addition, acupuncture can be used to help promote a more efficient labor.  In fact, many midwives and obstetricians refer their pregnant patients to Acupuncture Together.

Q:  How does acupuncture work?  A: For an informative, easy to understand discussion about how acupuncture works and what it’s good for, we suggest reading Why Did You Put That Needle There?  For a more scientific explanation, we recommend reading Why It Works and Chinese Medicine Demystified.

Q:  Do I have to believe in acupuncture for it to work?  Is it just a placebo effect?  A: Acupuncture works on animals, and animals don’t have beliefs about acupuncture.

Q: Can I exercise, go to a yoga class, get a massage, go to physical therapy, etc. before or after acupuncture?  A: Yes, you can combine acupuncture with any other type of health care or exercise at any time.  We encourage you to do any other activities that help you to feel your best.


Our clinic is a proud member of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA).  POCA is a cooperative working to increase accessibility to and availability of affordable group acupuncture treatments.

Our clinic appreciates the diversity of human beings.  We do not discriminate based on race, national origin, religion, age, height, weight, education, language, ability, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity or any other factor.