Acupuncture Pricing

More details about each of the following appointment types can be found on our online appointment scheduler:

Acupuncture First Visit (New Patient – includes consultation and acupuncture treatment): $60

Acupuncture Follow-Up (Returning Patient – acupuncture treatment): $30-60

Acupuncture With Re-Evaluation (Returning Patient, includes detailed consultation and acupuncture treatment): $60

Gua Sha for Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Pain/Tension (Returning Patients Only): $30-60 

Sliding scale guidelines for acupuncture follow-ups & gua sha:

We make acupuncture as affordable as possible by offering sliding scale pricing.  You decide what you pay within the sliding scale.  Please pay what you feel you can afford, while keeping the following in mind: Acupuncture Together needs to earn an average of $40 per treatment.

In order for our $30-60 sliding scale to be sustainable:
$30-39 is a good choice for folks who have low/fixed incomes and/or those receiving treatments multiple times per week.  If you need to pay in this range, please do so!
$40 is the sustainer rate.  It keeps us going!
$41-60 is a huge help as it allows us to continue offering the low end at $30, provides us with funds for future renovations/emergencies and provides a little extra income for the acupuncturists.  We really appreciate it!

Thanks for your consideration!

Questions About Insurance?

WE DO NOT BILL HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES OR MEDICARE. Payment (via cash, credit card, debit card, HSA or FSA) is due directly to us at the time of each visit.  If you want to know if your plan covers acupuncture, please call your insurance company.  If your insurance plan covers acupuncture, we can provide you with a payment receipt and billing code to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

The great news for everyone is that our prices are comparable to the cost of an insurance co-pay.  Most insurance co-pays are $20-$50.  While some health insurance plans offer insurance coverage for acupuncture treatments, many carriers have limitations such as meeting a deductible before coverage, a limited number of treatments per year, only specific conditions being covered, prior authorization and needing to justify a treatment plan to the insurance company.  At Acupuncture Together you can be treated for any condition, anytime, without any limitations, delays or rejections.

Payment types accepted:

  • Cash (please bring exact change)
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards

Nap Packs

We are no longer selling “nap pack” 5 treatment cards.  If you purchased a package prior to the pandemic, you are welcome to use the remaining dollar value as store credit (for example, if you paid $100 for 5 treatments in 2019 and used 2 of them, there is $60 remaining, which you can use to pay for whatever appointment type(s) you choose).

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy, Missed Appointments & Sick Patient Policy – Please Read Carefully:

WE REQUIRE 3 HOURS NOTICE IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TO A LATER TIME OR LATER DATE.  If you miss an appointment or cancel or reschedule it to a later time or later date with less than 3 hours notice, then your card on file will be charged $30.  If your card is declined or expired, you will need to pay $30 in addition to your regular payment at the time of your next appointment.

IF YOU ARE FEELING SICK OR EXPERIENCING ANY COVID-19 SYMPTOMS PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT ASAP.  We will not treat anyone who is sick or experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.  If you have recently tested positive for Covid, please wait until 10 days after your positive Covid test to come in for an appointment.

TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT(S): Please use our online appointment scheduler if you booked online, or call 617-499-9993 if you scheduled by phone and/or need assistance; if we don’t answer the phone, please leave a message as we check messages regularly.

Thank you for your understanding, respect and consideration.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available year-round in any amount!  To purchase a gift certificate may call us at 617-499-9993 to pay by phone and have us mail it to you or to your loved one directly.