Don’t just take our word for it that acupuncture works and that we offer a great service.

Check out these real-life experiences that our patients have had and thoughtfully offered to share with you.  In addition to the testimonials below, be sure to read our reviews on Google and Yelp!

I love going to Acupuncture Together.  My back is doing much better, my asthma is better, my mood is much more relaxed and I’m happier.  I feel the acupuncture treatments make my everyday life and outlook much smoother.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! – L.R., RN

The best thing about Acupuncture Together is that their sliding scale and package plans allow me to get regular treatments on my budget. That would be amazing enough, but I have also seen good results from their treatments. My mainstream doctor and physical therapist recommended wrist braces and resting for my tendonitis. Braces did nothing and resting was impractical, but after two or three acupuncture treatments I was pain-free. I just have to come in now and then for a tune-up. I also find acupuncture great for stress and fatigue. They even have these magic Chinese herbal pills that ward off the common cold. I encourage all my friends and family to use Acupuncture Together. – J.H.

I started coming to Acupuncture Together after a car accident. I was treated for pain when I couldn’t have massage as a treatment, and also for anxiety, which I’ve suffered from for a long while. After a few weeks the pain decreased, but I wasn’t sure if it was the treatments or just my body doing its thing. Then I was asked about my anxiety levels, which is when I realized that I hadn’t experienced any for awhile. A month later I decreased my treatments and really felt a difference, so I returned. Acupuncture really works! This place is so reasonable that I can sustain my treatments. Thank you very much! – K.C.

I wish there were more health care providers as affordable, caring and effective as Acupuncture Together. With their clear commitment to community well-being and a sliding scale, I am able to integrate acupuncture as a regular health practice and I’ve noticed the benefits in my every day life. Thanks to Acupuncture Together and their caring staff, I get to be a healthier version of myself. – K.A.

I came to Acupuncture Together after a year of trying to get pregnant. I had read about the benefits of acupuncture in trying to conceive and was very fortunate to find Acupuncture Together, which is affordable and convenient in that it is close to my home, has easy parking and is open on Saturdays. Each session was relaxing and I enjoyed coming to such a peaceful environment every week. Within two months of starting acupuncture and herbs, I was pregnant. I had a healthy, full-term pregnancy and subsequently delivered a beautiful baby girl. I am very grateful to Acupuncture Together for their caring treatment and for being a part of this miracle. – R.B.

I recently tried Acupuncture Together, my first community session. I have pain from osteo-arthrititis and rigid muscles affected by Parkinson’s. I found the setting warm and welcoming and the staff kind, helpful and apparently skilled. It is a wonderful concept, bringing this form of treatment, pain relief and relaxation, within the reach of many more people. – J.W.

I came to Acupuncture Together both before and during my pregnancy. I found it helped reduce my heartburn and pregnancy aches and pains. I actually had to cancel my last appointment since I went into labor that morning! – M.S.