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Don’t just take our word for it that acupuncture works and that we offer a great service.

Check out these real-life experiences that our patients have had and thoughtfully offered to share with you.  In addition to the testimonials below, be sure to read our reviews on Google and Yelp!

Here’s a real patient story featuring Larry, who has graciously volunteered to share about his experiences at Acupuncture Together with you. He has been coming to Acupuncture Together for 9 years because he finds it helpful for hip arthritis, lumbar stenosis, ADHD and stress. He’s also a Registered Nurse. Enjoy!


Here’s a real patient story featuring Rosemary, who has graciously volunteered to share about her experiences at Acupuncture Together with you. She has rheumatoid arthritis and has found acupuncture to be helpful not only for pain, but also for her energy levels and general sense of well-being. She’s been coming every week for over a year because, in her words, “I love it!” Enjoy!


Here’s a real patient story featuring Helen. She started coming to Acupuncture Together for the treatment of gout in 2012, and continues to come in for stress relief and relaxation. Helen credits acupuncture to helping her overcome her fear of needles. Enjoy!


Enjoy this real patient story featuring Lisa. She suffers from chronic pain related to scoliosis and has experienced pain relief and increased mobility as a result of acupuncture. She enjoys the relaxing treatments at Acupuncture Together and has found it to be very transformative.


Michael’s been coming to Acupuncture Together since 2008. You may recognize him from Cambridge Naturals. In Micheal’s words “part of our mission [at Cambridge Naturals] is to help people with their health issues, and we think we have pretty good products for that, but a lot of people need much more than just products; they need various treatments, so we’re always suggesting people come to Acupuncture Together.” Michael finds acupuncture to be helpful for stress, sleep and joint pains. 


Here’s a real patient story featuring Emily, who graciously volunteered to authentically share about her experiences at Acupuncture Together with you. Emily talks about how acupuncture helped her with anxiety, how she feels about the needles and the way she feels in the treatment room at Acupuncture Together. Enjoy!


Here’s a real patient story featuring Ken, who graciously volunteered to authentically share about his experiences at Acupuncture Together. Ken has been coming to Acupuncture Together for the past 2-3 years to help with his 2 autoimmune diseases: celiac disease and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) and energy levels. He enjoys the community setting, convenient schedule, affordability and all of the acupuncturists.


“Go figure, acupuncture isn’t actually scary and doesn’t hurt! I liked that the atmosphere was so laid back and normal. They put the tiny needles in and you can stay as long as you want to relax and enjoy– 30 minutes is the recommended minimum. It felt great.” -Cathy

“Great first time visit experience overall – friendly, caring, organized and informative staff, and relaxing space. I appreciated the appointment reminder call the day before and the fact that they included info about parking and paperwork. The office was busy when I arrived but I didn’t feel rushed – the acupuncturist took time with my intake and answered all my questions.” – Amy

“I started coming to Acupuncture Together after a car accident. I was treated for pain when I couldn’t have massage as a treatment, and also for anxiety, which I’ve suffered from for a long while. After a few weeks the pain decreased, but I wasn’t sure if it was the treatments or just my body doing its thing. Then I was asked about my anxiety levels, which is when I realized that I hadn’t experienced any for awhile. A month later I decreased my treatments and really felt a difference, so I returned. Acupuncture really works! This place is so reasonable that I can sustain my treatments. Thank you very much!” – K.C.

“I wish there were more health care providers as affordable, caring and effective as Acupuncture Together. With their clear commitment to community well-being and a sliding scale, I am able to integrate acupuncture as a regular health practice and I’ve noticed the benefits in my every day life. Thanks to Acupuncture Together and their caring staff, I get to be a healthier version of myself.” – K.A.

“I came to Acupuncture Together after a year of trying to get pregnant. I had read about the benefits of acupuncture in trying to conceive and was very fortunate to find Acupuncture Together, which is affordable and convenient in that it is close to my home, has easy parking and is open on Saturdays. Each session was relaxing and I enjoyed coming to such a peaceful environment every week. Within two months of starting acupuncture and herbs, I was pregnant. I had a healthy, full-term pregnancy and subsequently delivered a beautiful baby girl. I am very grateful to Acupuncture Together for their caring treatment and for being a part of this miracle.” – R.B.

“I recently tried Acupuncture Together, my first community session. I have pain from osteo-arthrititis and rigid muscles affected by Parkinson’s. I found the setting warm and welcoming and the staff kind, helpful and apparently skilled. It is a wonderful concept, bringing this form of treatment, pain relief and relaxation, within the reach of many more people.” – J.W.

“I came to Acupuncture Together both before and during my pregnancy. I found it helped reduce my heartburn and pregnancy aches and pains. I actually had to cancel my last appointment since I went into labor that morning!” – M.S.

“This was my first time having acupuncture. I enjoyed it. I was nervous but I am so pleased. My arm that was hurting feels much better. I would recommend Acupuncture Together to a friend.” -Jane

“Acupuncture Together is a calming place with friendly and attentive staff. This was the second time I’ve done acupuncture and it felt easy. Even though it is done within a community setting, it is comfortable and relaxing.” -Camila

“Very welcoming and professional. Great introduction to acupuncture to anyone who has never done it before.” -Meredith