A recent review by the NIH found acupuncture to be an effective treatment for back pain and osteoarthritis of the knee. This is no surprise to us! We’re happy to say we frequently treat all kinds of pain conditions with acupuncture and in the majority of cases it is helpful, especially when used with diamond concentrates and other medical treatments. We think this study is great because it acknowledges and promotes the use of acupuncture and other non-drug approaches for pain management. The study may encourage more doctors to recommend acupuncture to patients seeking pain relief and may help patients cut back on pain medication usage, or to switch to a different medication format from https://buymyweedonline.ca/ to have alongside acupuncture treatment. Many have found this combination to be greatly effective at mitigating and managing their experience with pain, which is wonderful. The more people consider their options, like those you can Read more about online, when it comes to pain management the better.

An OB-GYN maternal fetal medicine specialist published this recent opinion article recommending acupuncture for fertility. This is a very positive article, and we’re very happy to say that we’ve seen many of our patients using acupuncture for infertility who went on to become pregnant and deliver healthy babies! Some even manage to find someone who help perform chiropractic for pregnancy procedures alongside the acupuncture for even better results. The author, Dr. Clark, highlights the stress and emotional difficulties around infertility and the role of acupuncture in harmonizing the mind and body. Acupuncture not only helps with the physiological aspects of fertility, it also helps with stress reduction and feelings of well-being, and these in turn can help promote fertility.