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Acupuncture for Hot Flashes

A recent study published in the BMJ Open found acupuncture to be an effective treatment for menopausal-related hot flashes, day-and-night sweats, general sweating and menopausal-specific sleeping problems. Numerous studies on acupuncture for menopausal hot flashes and night sweats have shown...

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Acupuncture for Heart Health and Cancer Support

February is American Heart Month and February 4th is World Cancer Day. These events are so important for many people. They draw awareness to heart problems and all of the different cancers that affect so many people. However, more people need to get involved. As World Cancer Day is approaching,...

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Community Healing

Community Healing In the wake of traumatic events of any nature, whether they've occurred nationally, locally or personally to you and/or to your loved ones, our bodies and minds need time to process difficult feelings. It's not often that we have an opportunity to sit quietly among others and...

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Community Supported Acupuncture

Community Supported Acupuncture Acupuncture Together is a community acupuncture clinic. We offer affordable and accessible group acupuncture treatments to benefit our community. We also rely on your support to help us continue to provide the most affordable acupuncture that we can, with convenient...

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Immune Health During Cold & Flu Season

Immune Health During Cold & Flu Season By Justine Myers, Lic. Ac. It's October in New England, and colds are very common. While some people find themselves more prone to colds and other upper respiratory infections than others, there are some steps we can all take to help to prevent getting sick....

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